Get to know our on-site coordinators: Beth Graves

Get to know our on-site coordinators: Beth Graves

There are many hard working people that keep Invest in Youth running throughout the year.  Along with its wonderful staff and executive board, its on-site coordinators are integral members of the IIY team.  Many tutors only get the chance to interact with these coordinators for one hour each week while tutoring.   Behind the scenes however, these dedicated individuals put in countless extra hours during the school year and the summer, to make sure Invest in Youth runs efficiently and effectively at its six partner schools.  This month, Invest in Youth shares a brief interview with Beth Graves, the wonderful on-site coordinator at Roxhill Elementary.


1.  How long have you worked with Invest in Youth?

For about 2.5 years; since fall of 2012

2.  What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

I love to cook big meals with friends and bake.  I’m always happy to be nose deep in a good book, and I love to karaoke sometimes too.

3.  Why do you enjoy working with the organization?

It’s really inspiring to see students and tutors build a great relationship throughout the year.  Every day at my school kids are asking, “Do I get to see my tutor today?”, and that really makes the work feel special.

4.  What was your favorite subject in school?

History and art.


Thank you Beth!

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